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Movie Reviews: Love and Monsters (NETFLIX & PRIME 2020)

Love and Monsters my random choice of the weekend it is a sci-fi flick about a post-apocalyptic time in the human race when monsters roam the land and humans are forced underground to live in hideaway holes deep underground.

I really choose this movie off my server and did not realize this was on either of these services.

I also thought this was one of those movies that I would watch once and be meh and delete it off my server but I kinda enjoyed this movie about the human spirit and never giving up and always believing in love and a better tomorrow.

The cast was decent and the main two actors that did not spend that much time on the screen together until more than halfway done with the flick were Joel and Aimee. Every time I heard the guy name Joel it reminded me of the game The Last of Us it had that kinda vibe as it was also Joel in the first last of us roaming the post-apocalyptic world looking for survivors.

Aimee I have seen before in the Marvel TV series “The Iron Fist” she played the Iron fists partner in love and fighting crime. Jessica Henwick Aimee in The Iron Fist actually was a better martial artist than the actor that played the Iron Fist. Goes to show you how bad that series was.

Basically, Joel goes on this trip to get back to his love that he got separated from when the monsters took over being on the surface.

It just came to me this movie would be a great in-game version although The Last of Us is already out.

The other cool thing is that this is not another zombie movie either.

There is potential to have a second part of the studios wanted but they would really have to think about how they can expand on the story.

IMDB gives it 6.9/10 I give it a solid 6.5/10 not sure if I should keep this on my server or not.

This is a PG-13 movie that has some scary screens for younger audiences that may require an adult present.

The question is whether to keep it or not to keep?

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