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TV Show Reviews: The Flash Season 1 (2014)

What can I say about this tv show well it is really good for the first season you do not see this kind of detailed storytelling and after watching Arrow a few years ago The Flash reenters you into that DCverse and holds its own with a supporting cast from mainly the Arrowverse when required and does make reference a lot to the Arrowverse but it still has its own strong origin story.

The only other mention I am going to say about how this is one of the best season 1 debuts I have seen in a long time is the fact that for a season 1 it has over 20 episodes which gave the writers enough time to tell the story right.

The only thing I am not sure about and cannot confirm is when they talk about the science stuff if it’s actual fact can it really be done even if it theory based is it a correct theory? Can they fact-check like The Big Bang Theory?

Now I am going into some of the cast members starting with Grant Gustin. Does grant remind you of anyone funnily enough I looked at his IMDB profile and found out he also acted on the spin-off series of 90210? Does he not look like the late Luke Perry when Luke was younger?

Now about the rest of the cast starting with Jesse L Martin you may all have seen and remember him on the tv show Law and Order but I remember him being Alley Mcbeals boyfriend for a season on the show with the same name Alley Mcbeal. Jesse is a strong performer and really does an excellent job and does hold his own.

Next up for a notable mention is Tom Cavanagh you may all know him from this show The Flash or Scrubs which I have to say I never watched. I first saw Tom Cavanagh on one of his early tv shows called Ed. He played a lawyer that bought a bowling alley and practised law out of the bowling alley. I know it’s a wired concept but it worked it went on for four years and was one of my favourite shows at the time.

The rest of the younger cast is relatively new and has played small roles on other shows however this is a get full cast and makes this story very strong if I was single or have no kids I would have binged this first season of The Flash in one sitting.

What makes this show great it goes through great small detail about the history of The Flash origin and you really invest yourself into the story.

I cannot say it enough this is a great show and really done well.

Science fiction is told in an excellent way although a fictional story tries to make it real and linked to what can be possible.

The other thing that makes this show great is the bad guys the bad guys on this show are basically big stars of the small screen or big screen and add substantially to the story. You have Michael Schofield from Prison Break Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell they play some really cool bad guys well they are hot and cold if you want to say it that way.

The Flash is a highly recommended show from me I say it’s a straight and rare 10/10 from me.

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