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Movie Reviews: Realive (2016) (Spoiler ALERT)

On my server, I had a movie that looked interesting called Realive. It’s a movie about a young man that has it all really and one day he gets bad news of being diagnosed with cancer. What type of cancer we do not get told about?

However, he tells his friends and his closest friend which is a girl who drops everything and comes back to him and wants to be with him and wants to make this the best final year they have the best year being together in love etc.

Now this movie is based in the near future and is in the science fiction genre section of your movie library.

This movie talks about life after death and had so much potential to take this subject seriously and go down the medical path correctly and the spiritual path correctly as well, in the beginning, tries to glorify the whole thing by I would say false advertising. Marc is taken in by thinking it’s going to be an awesome life that he can forever live young and be in the prime of his youth and basically make love to all the women he wants throughout the future centuries.

IMDB describes the movie such as Marc will die of cancer and choosing cryogenic freeze and hoping to be thawed when there’s a solution to his condition. He’s the first human brought back 68 years later. Can he adapt mentally and physically?

The sad thing is that the movie had more than enough time to do this the right way and even with the two-hour time frame it fails. I found it boring and already knew the answers or the journey and the end it was heading to which had no real ending or path to get there.

Quickly in the end they try to fix things by saying he just wanted to rest in peace but he really did not even get that sorry for the spoilers.

To me, there is life after death and this is the whole path of our journey and coming back to life to extend it even though we have proven it to be possible through cloning Dolly the sheep in a human we have a part of us that is unique which is our soul and this is what makes you, you!

No movies that I have seen in the past and including this one still cannot explain the whole essence of the soul. Movie makers capture that and your movie will mean something and be worth watching.

A one-time watch for me nothing special here and also not suitable for the kids.

A 0-1/10 for me not watching this again.

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