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Movie Reviews: WEDDING SEASON 2022 (NETFLIX)

Last night the whole family sat down to watch a movie as there was really nothing on TV to watch and because I am outnumbered by 2 guys to 3 girls in my family the movie that was chosen was called Wedding Season. Yes, that’s right I sat through another chick flick 🙂

I was ok to sit through this Wedding Season movie because it was just over 90mins long, so it was not your typical Indian movie over 2 to 3 hours long.

This would give you the same vibes and good feelings as a movie like Bend it Like Beckham did back in the day.

Wedding season is a movie about a time in a young person’s life when they are so focused on their careers and are successful in work but are missing or have no time for their personal love lives.

The premise of this story is the parents of a young man and woman right up dating profiles for their respective children and the kids go along with it to get their parents off their back so the young man and woman agree on pretending to be together and go to the mutual weddings they have been invited to so they can keep up appearances

The story goes on from there and is really well done. It is produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazier a very strong production team.

Suraj Sharma plays Ravi you may remember him from Life of Pi

The young woman is played by Pallavi Sharda who plays Asha. Pallavi is a young Indian actress that is actually Aussie by birth born in Perth. I really did not hear an Aussie accent in the movie by her.

The aspect of the movie I enjoyed was the fact that the movie broke down stereotypes and cultural boundaries/walls.

The movie showed other weddings where cross cultures and religions married where you see a Muslim Marrying a Hindu, another marriage displayed a Jewish person marrying a Hindu. these are great small steps to break down these walls and show that love is love even with boundaries that we put on ourselves inside the straight community let alone if you have different sexual preferences.

A movie that is good to watch and I even would say has rewatch value.

IMDB gives it 6.3/10 I give it a solid 7/10

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