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TV Show Reviews: Indian Matchmaking Season 2 (NETFLIX) 2022

Last week my wife and I well my wife decided to watch the second season of Indian MatchMaker and we are thrown back into the world of Sima and all her biodata.

We are taken back to the stories of the existing singles like Aparna and Nadia and their pursuit of love and both of the above-mentioned ladies have truthfully unrealistic views on love and marriage and romance.

The most unrealistic part of the show is when Sima asks what each single’s requirements are and when the guy or girl drops a list of like more than 10 requirements that are truly unrealistic.

What I love about Sima although I do not like her name. Sima is straight with the young singles and tells them what their expectations should be like actually being able to get five attributes out of the 20 and not everything and when you see the single only child people ask but why it not fair not to be able to find someone with these basic attributes and for me I can see how this only child spoilt person has come out and the lack of understanding of what being in a couple is all about compromise understanding and the gaps your weaknesses are their strengths and your strengths are their weakness so that’s how it can all work together.

We do have this season seeing one young guy and girl get married and the others as mentioned before going on endless dates.

The best couple of season 2 what a Sik brother and a Hindu girl one was a cardiologist and the lady was a dentist. Their dates were cute and funny going on an ice skating date and this showed really truly how much him/her did care about each other.

There was another guy that Sima went to a fortune teller or some sort of a high priest that can read how the young man is by just looking at his picture.

He said that the young boy was cursed and then had to go to a holy place to get the bad juju out.

I really felt bad for Nadia she had a nice guy that Sima set up for her in season 2 and Nadia got stuck being attracted to a younger guy that was like seven years younger than her and Sima warned her and Nadia dumped the guy that Sima setup for her and she went for the younger guy and they went on a few dates and after a few dates when things got serious the young kid dropped her and now Nadia knows what she missed out on with the pick that Sima gave her.

I hope her story continues in season 3?

Overall this show is fun and is mostly in English and we do have subtitles like all Netflix shows.

A 6/10 Fun for all

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