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Movie Reviews: Eraser Reborn 2022

Sunday evening movie of choice was a random movie on my personal server that I found and decided to watch and I knew that I can watch and most likely delete it and not have to worry about it ever again.

Eraser Reborn is a continuation but a new story from the same agency of Erasers however these are new erasers that are not brought to you by the same stationary shop you buy your erasers from.

A story of saving a witness by erasing them to be able to stay alive in witness protection to be ready to testify against the real bad guy and we basically go down the rabbit hole of crooked cops and the single sole good op trying to save his star witness.

At the same time, he falls in love with the witness and does not really cross any lines until the very end of the movie.

The movie has no one that you really know except the one guy from the Shadowhunters series that you may remember as Jace and he is Dominic Sherwood.

The rest of the cast seem to be new and I have never seen them in anything before.

This movie goes slightly over 90mins and is what I would classify as a timepass movie.

You know what’s going to happen nothing that you haven’t seen before.

Not suitable for the younger kids 0 to 10 anyone older should be ok with this over-the-top movie and the only other thing worth mentioning was the CGI Rhino scene.

If this was a movie back in the day of Blockbuster it would have gone straight to the DVD bargain bin.


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