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TV Show Reviews: Burn Notice Season 5 Disney+

The flame still is burning in season 5 of burn notice and we in this season of the show are still going down the rabbit hole but this time with even 2 seasons to go after this it seems that we are playing a game like a video game with stage bosses that end up with the final boss that is a psychiatrist and even after Michael Fiona Sam and Jesse try everything in their power its like playing a game of chess and your playing the final boss the grandmaster every move you make he is already 10 steps ahead.

You really want to see this guy get what is coming to him but it leaves you on the edge of your seat.

This season with this ultimate final boss there is no holding back everyone is in the line of fire and it even goes back to Michael’s childhood and father and you find out some really dark facts about what this guy called Anson has done and it’s all about grooming the young kid to become a spy basically so he had played the long game for a lifetime and now it’s all coming to ahead.

The whole show goes from 2007 to 2013 a hole 7 seasons and the writers are really good to keep you guessing even when you think you know what’s going to happen it changes with something that you did not think possible.

There are still explosions and plenty of small jobs but they all link back to the main mission of Michael’s burn notice and although we meet the guy Anson that caused it all we still seem not to be able to defeat him it seems that the show is setting it up for a greater fall in season 7 and we have a massive loss to the team at the end of season 5 and I am not adding anything else to cause a spoiler.

This would be a show that I would purchase the box set. I still can’t believe I did not watch it when it was running back all those many years ago.

The other thing that is cool about this show is who is acting in the supporting roles in one of the episodes you have a person the head guard from Prison Break. Another person that you see is the guy from Fast & Furious 1 the leader of the Asian bike gang he plays a role and the other 2 that come off the top of my head are Dean Cain yes superman himself and The Big Show funny because those two The Big Show Paul Wright actually played in a prison movie together a few years back.

What do you all think should this have gone for seven seasons or stopped at five?

It leaves you on a cliffhanger and I am going to change so just to try something new and then come back to this but it does leave you in a place that I could have just hit the next episode of season 6 and kept going but I would have not stopped to write this review and we need to write this review.

Lots of fun I liked it a solid 7/10 may still not be suitable for the younger kids

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