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Movie Reviews: Me Time (NETFLIX) 2022

The wife and I had some me time well half some me time and last weekend we started the latest movie coming out from the King of Hearts himself Kevin Heart.

I have to say this it was the wifey’s choice and I did not say no because it felt like a movie that you could sit and watch with the wife and spend some quality time without our eldest as our baby boy is still too young to be affected by this crazy adult themed movies.

So we continued where we left off and the movie is about Sonny Fisher a stay-at-home dad that shouts out to the dads that do the hardest job that most women 90% of women mostly do and do not get a real dime for it.

The story revolves around the wife taking the kids for the weekend while the hubby has time to himself and with all this he is getting bugged by his oldest mate to come and celebrate his 44th birthday and they go off the chain to do crazy things.

This is where the movie for me goes down him like the scene where Kevin Heart is getting chased by a mountain lion and somehow survives.

The movie really I felt had the potential to send a message and do some teaching but it really did not have any message. My wife’s review of this movie was “it’s a rubbish movie” and we still had about over thirty mins to go. As most of you know good bad or ugly I have commitment issues I had to finish the movie and I have to agree as well it was not the greatest you would have more fun watching any other Kevin Heart Movie.

In my opinion, “Me Time” was something that we had all seen before and was a more successful movie than Me time although we had three instalments of what I feel is better than Me time and that was “The Hangover”

This is a watered-down duplication of The Hangover and they try to go over the top of it with all the crazy jokes but for me, it does not work.

IMDB describes the movie as Follows a Dad who finds time for himself for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away. He reconnects with a friend for a wild weekend.

IMDB also gives it a 5/10.

This movie although can be funny would be a movie that you would watch with your drunk mates and it’s a guy movie do not watch it with your wife’s girlfriend’s partner not recommended.

The coolest part of the movie is when Seal and Kevin Hart actually sing a song together that is pretty cool.

The movie also has a small part of another parent that keeps annoying Sonny and he is Andrew Santino if you know your stand-ups he is part of the stand-up flock, although I have never seen any of his stand-up shows. Netflix do we have any Andrew Santino shows?

A one-time watch for me and the wife nothing special really. Not my type of humour and I give it a 2/10 not suitable for the kids.

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