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Standup Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser 2020 (NETFLIX)

I have to start off by saying I have tried to watch Urzila’s standup special Overqualified loser more than 5 times and each time I watched it I thought it was me as I would fall asleep each time and I thought how about watching this with the wifey and see if we can watch it together as we watch “Have you been paying attention” and Urzila is funny on that show and we both enjoy her type of comedy.

Now, this special is just a tick over an hour and I would say fifteen minutes into it my wife fell asleep and I powered through so I can say for sure it was not just me that found the special sleepy.

I got to about halfway thirty minutes and I always get about thirty minutes in each time of the five times I had tried before and each time I would fall asleep this time I was drowsy and pushed myself to finish the special so I could remove it from my Netflix special.

In saying this and looking at when it was released I can also say I have tried to finish this show for the past two years and today I managed to get it done.

The humour was good and decent for the first thirty minutes and in the last thirty minutes, it seems that it lost its direction.

This is not suitable for the kids as there are a lot of sex jokes there is even a period joke about a moon cup I had to look that up and I have to say that was a good joke as it was done with care.

She also makes fun of what she calls her entertainment area and tells a story of when she had to get a check-up for being a lady. This was funny as the doctor classified her entertainment area as a petit entertainment area and Urzila is not so small. This was a great joke and good humour.

I hope that Netflix gives her another chance to do another stand-up special and this time she does not leave anything back just goes for it.

A one-time watch that is definitely not suitable for kids.


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