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Movie Reviews: Uncharted 2022

For a midweek movie, the wife had the opportunity to sit and watch this movie that I have been playing on the Playstation for a long time and now it’s on the big screen in movie format and its not fair because there is no way I finished in the movies running time. There is no way you can finish the movie in under two hours.

Uncharted did not feel like a two-hour movie like the game you better buckle in and hold on you are in for a ride of a lifetime.

You have Spiderman – Tom Holland playing young Nathan Drake and Sully being played by Mark Walberg.

If you are new to the Uncharted franchise, Uncharted is basically Tomb Raider for blokes well the main character Nathan Drake is male if that was not confirmed lol. No Lara Croft does not make a cameo.

The whole storyline is a tow hour treasure hunt and you are not disappointed as Sony Pictures does not spare any expense for all the special effects that you could think possible and stunts were done. The water scenes were great I just felt the green jungle scenes could have been lusher.

Antonio Banderas plays the bad guy and his final scene spoiler alert is I would have expected a boss fight would have taken longer.

The movie’s director focused more on the puzzles and getting through the challenges than the boss fights.

The other little nugget of trivia you may enjoy knowing is that the music was brought to you by the same guy that composed the music for Game of Thrones Ramin Djawadi

I hope that they do make the other parts of the game as additional parts to this movie franchise the only thing I am worried about is I do not want it to lose its quality.

There was a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean and I do not think that the video game had that dialogue

A movie I would recommend for everyone to watch lots of fun and I even would go as far as saying I would purchase a Blu-Ray copy of this movie and keep it in my collection.

Highly recommended 9-10/10

Kids can watch this with parental units there are some really cool plane and helicopter stunts.

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