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TV Show Reviews: Cobra Kai Season 5

I have to review this before I forget anything. Firstly I binged the whole thing last night and finished at like 4 am in the morning and although I woke up the next day like I was hungover and if you know me I never drink so if this is how it feels like it to be drunk I really enjoyed the fact that season 5 was set out in this way. It was less about tournaments and more about respect loyalty and honour.

If you remember where we left off in season 4 with stingray being attacked by Sensai Silver and Silver pinning it on Krease and John Krease ended up going behind bars for something he did not do.

The entire season 5 was about exposing Silver for the shady dishonest cobra snake he is and spreading lies to the All Valley community about Daniel sun and the fact that they linked it very well that it went back thirty years and you feel the same tension that you felt in the ’80s

We have two original characters coming back in this season we have Robyn that is Daniels kinda girlfriend in Karate Kid III and they linked that going back to being one of Daniels’s wife’s girlfriends that introduced Daniel to his current wife.

Silver gets under Daniel’s skin so bad that Daniel’s wife leaves him and it affects his family life.

The three guys team up to bring Silver down with Daniel Johnny and Chozen all fighting to get rid of this bad man that is brainwashing all the kids and is creating cobra kai dojos all over the valley.

At the beginning of the season, we see that Johnny and Robby go on a road trip to mend their relationship and find Miguel. The show kinda raps that storyline up quickly and you have a taste of MMA in an episode.

In this season we have Karate’s original Bad boy Mike Barnes back and is not back by his choice is thrown back into Daniel’s world by Daniel himself when Daniel and Chozen try to find something that can bring Silver down.

We also have Alicia Hannah-Kim as Kim Da-Eun Kim is recruited by silver with her Karate expert goons to help silver dominate the Karate world and in some ways, it reminds me of Kill Bill.

Cobra Kai Season 5 totally worth it and although I got no sleep was worth binging!!!

Add it to your list and watch it now. When this show actually ends all seasons I will purchase the box set as mentioned totally worth it!!!

Ohh yes you also have Stingray back this season and he plays a pivotal role you have to watch it to find out how it all goes down.

I wonder who they will bring back for season 6 and how they can continue this authentic original story. I also loved how they took Silver down and no spoilers you have to watch it.

10/10 younger audience require parental supervision language and violence this season is at a new level.

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