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Movie Reviews: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 2022 (DISNEY+)

This past weekend my wife and I got a chance to continue watching the second latest instalment from Marvel studio’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This is a movie that starts off with the last Spiderman movie and we get a flavour of the multiverse in that Spiderman movie and in this Multiverse of Madness it’s all about different universes and timelines. It just reminded me of Inception to a degree.

We meet a young girl that is running away from monsters that are there to take her power and give the power of teleportation in between timelines to someone that wanted to be part of a timeline that had a missing piece in their timeline. I am trying very hard to not spoil anything here. 🙂

This is another movie like any other you are on a rollercoaster and you better hold on tight because this is more than a physical trip but its a mind trip as well.

There is only one sad aspect of the Marvel movies now and that’s there are no more Stan Lee cameos.

A little nugget of viewing I enjoyed was seeing Bruce Campbell you may know him from Burn Notice he plays a small role as a Pizza vendor that gets a spell put on him and that was fun.

There are a lot of emotional storylines here and I am glad I did not watch this during Mother’s day or Father’s day, but yes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is all about family.

The Cast is big and well cast for the most part so of the cast I am not sure about ohh and the one thing I loved is how they connected other Marvel character movies to the main movies and it’s really amazing when you see a special appearance.

Here is a question for my readers from all the Marvel Movies when are the stories ending or is it all based on the comics and the comics never end? I would really like to buy the ultimate Marvel Box set and collect all the movies.

The level of special effects was high and violence I felt was high as well little kids may want to watch this with parental units.

Add this to your collection and I would watch it again as this does have rewatch value however it’s over two hours long so make sure you have the time to invest.

I would give this movie a solid 7.5/10

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