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TV Show Reviews: Greys Anatomy Season 18

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Finally, I have caught up and finished season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy! What a journey. this show is one epic story and season 18 even with only three original cast members has kept its audience still intact I feel.

Coming out of season 17 which was basically all Covid 19 related and had Merideth Grey basically in a bed suffering with Covid this season we come outside the other side of Covid19 and we are basically back with more relationship twists and turns than the medicine however in this season in regards to the Medicine and Merideth has a new love interest based in Minnesota so she is travelling between Seattle and Minnesota trying to cure Parkinson’s with the help of Amelia and other surprise doctors and at the same time Merideth gets a job offer does she take it who knows?? 🙂

In this season she is as I mentioned travelling between two cities and juggling medicine family and new love.

With Dr Jo Wilson this is a new beginning season for her to come out of the shadow of being with Alex and getting on with her life as a single mum with Luna and she has the support of her friend Lincoln he himself is going through a break up after Amelia calls it quits as she does not want to settle down and seems she will never get married.

This opens the door for Jo and Lincon to hook up and will they won’t they that the question?

The other side of the story is we have a hospital, Grey Sloan, under review to close down its surgical resident’s program after a resident’s parent goes to the media and causes the spiral of the downfall of Grey Slon Memorial Hospital can they come back from this?

Teddy & Hunt get married and on a road trip to harvest, a heart nearly loses the heart and dies this causes their storyline into a twirl and really challenges their relationship once again as Owen makes some choices.

Without going into much more it’s still totally worth watching still and has been renewed for a 19th season and is going to be released on the 6th of October 2022 my birthday an awesome birthday present for me.

I would like to see Grey’s anatomy to at least go to 20 seasons and then think about calling it a day. What do others think?

Add this to your list I will buy this whole box set when its run is over the only choice I would have to make do I get it on DVD or Blu-Ray. 🙂

A solid season 8/10

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