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Movie Reviews: Persuasion 2022 (NETFLIX)

The family and I decided to sit and watch something last night and w did not start by watching this as my mother’s last choice Pinocchio was not the greatest choice from Disney+

Mum wanted to watch something funny so I decided to start watching the latest standup offering from Jo Koy that did not last long its not family friendly in the ten minutes we watched every sentence had the F word as a punch line after ten minutes mum was over it and I was like ok let’s change it cause really if the standup just has F words then really not that great. However, I will watch the standup myself and give it a fair review after this review.

Persuasion is an English period piece brought to you by another Jane Austin romance love story.

IMDB describes the movie “Eight years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a dashing man of humble origins, they meet again. Will she seize her second chance at true love?”

As you can see the movie is about a second chance at love will Anne Elliot get her dream man or will she let him go again?

My main issue with this nearly two-hour movie is that you have a lot of non-English actors playing in this movie and as most of them can pull off the English accent Dakota Johnson has a hard time with the English accent in parts of her dialogue its not as smooth as it can or should be.

Mum even had issues with Mr Wentworth where mum said he could not pull off the English mannerisms and I could not see it as he had to play a person that had to keep his feelings to himself and not show how he truly felt about Anne Elliot near the end of the movie.

The actor playing Mr Wentworth is Cosmo Jarvis and he is also from the States although I felt that his English accent is more believable than Dakota Johnson’s.

I took some notes while watching this movie as I felt it was more like an assignment than something that I can sit and be fully immersed in.


Link to Bollywood reference

Firstly there was a Cowbell that Anne Elliot kept from her first encounter eight years ago with Mr Wentworth and all I could think and say to my family was that this just turned into DDLJ which is the best Bollywood flick of all time well from me anyway.

These days the box of treasures that Anne Elliot would have kept would now be a digital social media profile of pictures and videos. Ohh how times have changed.

There were two scenes in the movie Persuasion where they moved location as the family had to move from where they lived as the father was in debt and they had to move to Bath and when seeing those transition of locations there came big text on the screen mentioning Upper Cross and every time I saw this it reminded me of Boxing and all I could think is Mike Tyson in a period piece would never work 🙂

Henry Golding did not get into this movie as Mr Elliot until more than halfway through this movie and I would have thought his role would have been better but it really did not play any significant role at all they tried to make it that way but it seemed that they were running out of movie time and budget and the movie tied up that loose end in a chase scene within a look and a one-line piece of dialogue.

Why when it comes to accents can other nationalities can pull off other accents I have never seen an actor from the USA pull off any with certainty.

Not a bad movie it is G-rated nothing over the top it’s a visual novel the cinematography is good locations look awesome and I say watch it on a big screen so you can really take it all in.

Fellas if you’re watching this with your partner, not a bad movie to watch so you can get some brownie points 🙂 lol

from the like or love option Netflix gives you I only gave it a like not love I have seen better Jane Austin retellings.

A little something extra if they really wanted the audience to believe that Anne Elliot was English please cast Keria Knightly in the movie next time that would work better.

I give it a decent 7/10

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