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Stand Up: Jo Koy: Live from the Los Angeles Forum 2022 (NETFLIX)

As promised I got around to watching Jo Koy’s latest stand-up special on Netflix the one streaming service that originally did not want anything to do with him.

I have to say that I was right not to watch this with the family and it’s not a person that you would take the whole family to the live show.

I am not saying he is not funny just that this special shot in the Los Angeles Forum was not a show for the whole family with young kids. This was more for couples with a strong relationship and can handle the level of cussing that he had in the show was at a high level.

To me, he was the equivalent to an Asian version of Jim Jefferies and I would not say that bad as Jim is much darker its that Jo Koy liked to use the F word a lot and it was like that for the first fifteen minutes of the show lots of F words and this can be a turn off for someone that is trying your show out for the first time.

I may recommend watching the earlier standups before just going straight to this latest stand-up in LA 2022.

His jokes are very funny and like all the good comedians he is an observational comedian even has a major bit about sleep apnea that goes for a long time and even takes it out to the audience to a new couple that the fiance is marrying the bloke that suffers from it and Jo Koy tries to encourage him to wear the mask that helps him sleep smoother at night.

Turns that joke into a male anatomy joke and ends the show on that too.

If you are any type of Asian, especially Filipino this will be right up your alley.

He talks about his mum’s toilet habits and before that starts off with Covid and kills it.

Jo talks about how hard it was for him to start to try and get Netflix to give him his first stand-up and how his determination and never-ending spirit got Netflix to give him a shot after he made his own first standup on his own dime and he killed it as on Netflix now he has a four stand up collection.

Well done and this tells us all never to give up on our dreams,

Add this to your list add the collection to your list and watch him.

this is MA and not suitable at all for a younger audience I give it a 6.5 7/10

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