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Movie Reviews: Bad Boys for Life (NETFLIX 2020)

Let me start this off by saying I was not planning to watch this at all due to the fact that it had Will Smith in it and I still feel awful for what he did to Chris Rock at the Oscars.

The only reason why I decided to watch this was Netflix was planning to remove it from their service by the fourteenth of October and I wanted to watch it before it went. Funny when I checked Bad Boys parts one and two they did not have expiration dates on those movies. This asks the question is it because they are removing Will’s content or is it because Bad Boys for Life has not done that well in comparison to the earlier movies?

You have the original band back together with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and the original Captain and the rest are new people however the story goes back more than thirty years.

Can you believe the movie has Vanessa Hudgens to be honest I don’t even remember recognizing her in the movie?

As mentioned the movie goes back in time as the whole movie goes around an old case that Mike deals with and takes down the bad guys and a literal blast from the past takes aim to take Mike Lowry and the rest of the team that was part of this person’s downfall.

It has a little nugget of humour in it with Reggie’s back but I feel that they could have done a better job with extending his storyline.

Going back to the Oscars for a second there was a small line that the Captain delivers to Mike in this movie and you wonder if Life isn’t imitating art.

There is not the same level of humour there are car chases and a car chase and damage to Marcus’ wife’s car that gets smashed while they go chasing after the bad guy.

The movie goes for two hours and if I was not interrupted several times today it has enough momentum to keep going without actually taking your gaze away and being distracted by other things but family comes first Vs movies.

That’s the beauty of Netflix you can watch and stop and start at the point you left off at.

There is a lot of swearing and violence and some violent scenes that give the movie the MA15+ rating.

If you’re a fan of the movie series watch the third movie Bad Boys for life before it leaves Netflix on the fourteenth of October 2022.

I honestly did not feel that it was as good as the first two instalments it felt like another quick cash grab life MIB III

I will give it a 3/10 not suitable for kids.

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