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TV Show Reviews: Buy My House (NETFLIX 2022)

I started watching this with the wifey a few days ago and yesterday I finished the series of six episodes by myself as when the wife falls asleep while watching one of the episodes is never a good sign.

All I can tell you when I watch these types of shows I watch them not because I can afford anything in the price range of the homes shown in this show but because it gives me ideas on how to make inexpensive changes to improve the home I live in currently.

It also gives you an insider understanding of how people invest in homes buying selling and playing the real-life Monopoly.

Buy My House is a short 6-episode series about exactly how people come on this show and try to sell their homes to investors this show is like the Real Estate version of Shark Tank.

We got our first taste of this show watching Gogglebox on Channel 10 and I thought why not give it a go and see what all the fuss was about?

The first episode was strange it was the most obvious product placement you have ever seen about one of the investors working for Redfin and they buy and sell properties in this first episode, he kept on name-dropping his workplace “I work at Redfin” etc…

Just in case you did not get the message he works at Redfin.

In saying that he was one of the most heartful people I felt on the show they all had heart minus I felt the lady Pamela was all about the bottom dollar and did not really care about anything else.

The seller’s stories were great.

There were houses that were like Queenslander wooden houses million dollar mansions artistic pieces and even an off-grid living place that was the most sustainable housing you have ever seen.

My favourite DIY Housing shows would be House Hunters I really enjoy that show or another show called Good Bones.

Buy My House is not a bad little show short and sweet to watch just for fun.


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