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Movie Review: Cold Pursuit (2019) NETFLIX

I finally got around to watching this Liam Nesson movie that has been sitting on my Netflix list for a while now.

I got “Taken” vibes when watching this movie as like “Taken” Liam’s character goes out for revenge to get his daughter back in this movie called “Cold Pursuit” Liam’s son dies at the hands of a drug dealer and he goes on a revenge mission to find the killers and take them out.

I thought watching this movie I would not really think anything of it and watch it and delete it from my Netflix list and say meh and move on to the next movie that I have on my list honestly yes I would do that however this was not as bad as I expected it was watchable.

The funny part of the movie was when any of the people from any side of the drug war died they would go black list the character’s name and nicknames and then add the religious sign that they were part of.

The movie goes for under two hours and for the most part you can watch this without looking at your phone because if you do you can miss out on some parts that are important to pay attention to.

It also had a low-level Mafia feel to it and elements of sleeping with the fishes.

The only part of this movie that was kinda strange was Liam’s wife played by Laura Dern after their son dies she becomes cold and distant and goes into this emotion that she believes that their son dies from an overdose and that she never knew her son. However, Liam’s Character never believes it and goes on the “Taken” journey for justice.

Also, Laura Dern’s character just leaves him and just leaves a note and he does not flinch or even care that she left.

You also find John Doman a lot of people may remember him from the TV show “Gotham” he played Falcone.

The only other person that is worth mentioning is John Doman’s cop partner Emmy Rossum you may remember her from “Shameless” because Emmy played Fiona.

The other element of this movie that was good was the scenery it was beautiful the white snow you could really take some screenshots and make them your desktop background.

I give this movie a solid 6.5-7/10

A solid movie to watch when you have a spare two hours no kids are allowed just violence and the adult theme in the movie is not suitable for the kiddies.

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