NETFLIX Documentary: Our Father 2022

While I have the time I got to my Netflix list and had a look at what I can watch without having the kids around and this movie-length docum

While I have the time I got to my Netflix list and had a look at what I can watch without having the kids around and this movie-length documentary on Netflix caught my eye called Our Father.

Ohh what a powerful documentary it is very confronting and you have to make sure you are ready to watch this.

It is about a fertility/OBGYN doctor as well in the States called Dr. Klien.

It is amazing what you watch and the stories that you really think that this would be only in a fake horror movie but honestly this is a real like a true crime that Dr. Klien got away with sexual assault and nonconsensual insemination of his own sperm to couples that were desperate to have their own children and even those couples that provided their own samples Dr. Klein dismissed and used his own sperm sample what a shameful criminal act.

23andme a DNA website that is supposed to be something light and help people find out what kinda cultural backgrounds etc they have etc has come to light to be a very powerful tool that can help with criminal cases such as this to help uncover despicable acts of this sexual in nature I do not even know what crime you would even call this.

Throughout the show, you see from the first sibling to over 40 siblings that come out to put a stop to this devil of a man, and how this guy even got a medical license is amazing!

This documentary even touches on how Dr. Klien could be part of this white race Arayan cult that is doing this to increase the number of white people as the numbers of mixed people are increasing and Dr. Klien and even in this documentary states there have been other doctors that are doing the same practice of using their own sperm to help other couples conceive and although it was not to the same level as Dr. Klien it was and is still happening and they have not managed to stop this.

Dr. Klien went to court and got a suspended sentence and a $500 fine it was like it was an illegal park somewhere a traffic violation and not something that he should have been thrown into jail and lost the key for.

If anyone is unsure about who they are and as the siblings put in this documentary they felt something was a little off go and do a 23andme check and see if you are part of this crazy unbelievable story.

How the hell this got to this level is nuts I recommend watching this and not having no kids allowed the whole there discussed is not suitable for kids unless you have a feeling that you are affected by this Doctor this would be a discussion you have to have with your family.

Seeing this makes me think you would be better off adopting if you cannot have a trusted doctor help you with the medical procedure.

I would like to see a follow-up to this show to see what occurred to the Doctor in the very end can they re-try him for anything?


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