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Movie Reviews: Catwoman: Hunted 2022 (NETFLIX)

Last night after watching so many trailers of movies to want to watch I decided on a DC animated movie called Catwoman: Hunted.

This was a short animated movie going for nearly one hour and twenty minutes of running time.

The whole movie was strange while watching this there was a running soundtrack of like jazz or blues music running in the background of the movie and it was off-putting for me as I was thinking am I watching a musical or a DC action cartoon?

The story revolved around Catwoman stealing the Cats eye a green emerald jewel kinda thing from a rich collector.

The good thing about this cartoon is that it never lost momentum and kept you going at a steady pace.

Spoiler Alert but there is no Batman cameo in this cartoon its a mostly female-lead cartoon which is a good thing. However, this is no kid’s cartoon the theme of the crime is about hurting young girls and even there was a scene with Catwoman nearly kissing another girl.

Catwoman Hunted is a good little flick to pass the time but other than that nothing to write about lol.

If you are a fan of DC then you would even keep this in your collection otherwise you would watch it once and then that would be it.

As mentioned the only thing off-putting about this cartoon was the endless music while action and dialogue were going on and the music did not feel it fitted.

As mentioned not suitable for young kids maybe 13 and above

A 5/10

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