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TV Show Reviews: Burn Notice Season 6 (Disney+)

Welcome back to the undercover CIA NSA and any other private government security agency that you can think of.

We are back in this season 6 instalment of the saga of the Government agency vs Michael Weston and his gang of homemade spies.

In this season we have a new huntswoman on Michaels’s tale after Michael is so close to ending and untangling the web of craziness that caused his Burn Notice.

Olivia Riley is her name and she takes no prisoners, Bad Ass woman.

As much as I enjoyed certain episodes I think that season 6 should have been the happy ending of this great tv show and I feel season 7 although only thirteen episodes long may be jumping the shark.

I have not seen season seven yet and the series finale season and it would be a while before I watch season seven yet as I feel I need to watch something fresh and new.

This season is more of the same get close and then either side wriggles out somehow.

You would think that six seasons on either side has enough proof to see that Michael and his team are more than innocent.

There is a big climatic event that occurs in this season but you feel that after that occurred it’s pretty much downhill after that maybe the actor knew that the show was coming to an end.

If you have travelled six seasons in already you have invested and committed to this show now more than ever and it’s too late to give up one more season to go to hopefully get the happy ending that they all deserve.

Also, the first half of it has felt like Orange Is The New Black. We have to deal with the end of Fiona’s runaway and she goes to jail and getting her out is the next thing to do.

I give this season a 5/10 it made me feel like I really want to see the end of the show and yes no more of it.

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