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Movie Reviews: Forsaken (2015)

Well, it was about time for me to try and watch a Western again and I had this little movie Forsaken staring father and son Donald and Keifer Sutherland and Demi Moore and many more great names.

Donald plays an estranged reverent that meets up with his son after ten years of his son being away after the war and now that his mother has passed away he is back to try and mend their relationship.

Well, one thing is for sure Keifer John Henry Clayton does not get the girl in this movie although there is a lot of tension on the screen between John Henry and Mary Alice Watson.

John Henry was an outlaw and when coming back he was no longer a gunman you could say he was the fastest shot in the west.

For the most part, John Henry kept to himself and did not get violent even when the bad guys beat him up.

There was a main bad guy that was attaining all the people’s lands whether they sold it to him or would die trying and he would take it from the rightful owner.

Up until he did not have to get involved he did nothing but once one of the goons stabbed his dad all bets were off and the gunslinger was back in action seeing how this was a quick 90min western it was basically the last 20mins of the movie.

The only issue I found with this movie is they were mostly soft-spoken and it felt like they mumbled the words well Keifer sounded like that.

If you are into westerns this is not bad to watch a decent small movie with a strong cast.

I give it a 5/10 not suitable for the kids

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