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Movie Reviews: The Wedding Guest (NETFLIX) 2018

The Wedding Guest is a movie that was on my Netflix list and I was just going through my list to see what I can watch next and this was on there it had an expiry of leaving Netflix on the 13 November so it had an expiry date I thought I better watch it now before it is no longer there.

Watch this before it goes…

Now the other thing was that I thought oh cool it’s got Dev Patel he does great movies and this is not his best work but it’s still worth a watch one time only.

I thought the story was like Jay (Dev Patel) is invited to a wedding and he falls for the bride and the story goes like that well no it’s far from it.

Jay is an unwanted guest at the wedding and he takes the bride by force at first you’re like this is going to become something I am not expecting and it’s not your typical Indian Bollywood flick there are no song and dance numbers in this dramatic thriller.

This is a love story between a Pakistani girl Muslim girl and a Hindu boy from India.

There are lots of twists and turns in this movie but the outcome is something I saw very early on it’s nothing that you cannot see coming it’s all about a matter of timing and when is it going to occur.

There is a bit of violence and also more sex and nude scenes in this flick and well it is part of the storyline.

Some parts of the movie remind me of Catch me if you can as they have to cross from Pakistan to India and have a lot of identity changes.

The cast does a great job and the main two lead roles Dev and Radhika Apte do a good job carrying the story you are locked into the movie although as I said you can tell what’s going to happen at the end of the movie.

In a nutshell, this is a movie about not settling and women’s liberation.

The movie is not suitable for the kiddies and you can watch this as a date movie but it would not be your typical date movie.

Watch this movie and tell me what you think about the movie could this really happen and would you settle?

Not suitable for kids a movie that is better than you think.

IMDB has this as a 5.8/10 and I give it about a 6/10, not a must-watch but something that if you did watch you would enjoy and makes you think.

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