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Documentary: Girl in the Picture (NETFLIX) 2022

I do not know where to start with this true crime documentary film. I have to say it has been one of the hardest films non fiction of fiction this documentary “Girl in the Picture” is definitely very hard to watch.

I have to say it’s not for everyone you have to be ready for a really sad depressing story that I feel is what a true nightmare would feel like.

The sad aspect more than the abuse and all the hurt you feel is how this girl in the picture had hit rock bottom and had felt that there was no way out.

The length of time it took to get answers to find out who the girl in the picture was and the fact that she did not even know who she was as this kidnapping occurred when she was only a small baby.

As a father of two young kids, it really hits home and even when I was a carer for people with disabilities which included young kids there is an enormous responsibility you have to make sure that your kid biological or otherwise is always safe and secure.

After watching this my kids will never be going to any sleepovers.

This whole documentary takes you full circle and paints a full portrait quite beautifully and disturbing as well.

You only wish they could have found the girl and her son Michael in time and saved them from this real devil that walked the earth.

In the end, you do meet the girl’s parents and you see how bad things got for the mother but I felt that the mother was not in her right mind and had mental health issues the kids suffered because of it and the girl in the picture paid the ultimate price

I wish someone really fought for these kids and did not stop finding them before it was too late.

As I mentioned earlier this is nothing for the faint-hearted you have to be ready for a documentary that does not hold back and is in your face with the harsh reality of life and how things can really go bad.

To me, this is a real true life horror movie

Not suitable for kids at all and for some adults either. I cannot give this a rating

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