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Movie Reviews: Laggies (2014) (PLEX)

I needed a change of pace and something a little better a lot lighter than my last review which was the hardest true crime documentary I have watched.

Laggies has Keira Knightly in it leading the way. Keira plays a young woman that is near the time it is to get married to her long-standing boyfriend but she is a bit of a lagger who leaves everything for tomorrow and just is in her comfort zone.

Megan (Keira Knightly) is at her and her boyfriend’s mutual friend’s wedding and just enjoying spending each other’s company when her boyfriend Anthony decides to make their friend’s wedding the scene of his proposal to Megan and Megan instantly can see this and stops him from doing that.

Then a friend comes and gets her and asks her to go get her dad and so she leaves the wedding reception while finding her dad he finds her with another woman and then Megan’s life is all which way but up.

Megan then leaves the party and bumps into a group of teenagers that want to get drinks for their party but they are all under 21.

This is when the story becomes a coming-of-age story although Megan is way past 21 in the movie. Megan goes on a journey to find herself and who she is and finds her true identity.

It is nothing that you have not seen before but something nice to watch even as a date night movie.

Although this was a dramatic comedy I only laughed near the end of the movie when the teenage girl was at prom and finally musters up the courage to ask the boy that likes her to become her girlfriend/boyfriend they go out and the boy at the prom is with a date he has but ignores her completely and the other girl has the most confused look on her face and she played that part so well it made me giggle.

If you are looking for something light and not too serious give this a go.

5/10 the subject matter is not suitable for young kids maybe 12 and above with parental guidance.

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