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Movie Reviews: The Waiting City (NETFLIX) (2009)

A late Sunday night movie I decided to watch after I finished Burn Notice. I went through my never-ending “My List” on Netflix and found an Australian Romantic Drama emphasis on the drama.

This movie is about a young couple Fiona Simmons a young lawyer and Ben Simmons a young Musician that is passed his glory days.

Fiona is played by Radha Mitchell and Ben is played by Joel Edgerton.

The movie is about this young couple and their travels to India to meet their adoptive daughter and finally get the chance to take her home.

This trip for Fiona and Ben is not just about that but also a story about a challenge in their relationship do they want the same things?

Fiona is a highly strung emotionless woman with high expectations and Ben is more of a free spirit that goes with the flow and likes to experience life and all of its ups and downs.

The movie also has another Australian actress you may remember from “Home & Away” Isabel Lucas. Isabel plays this young girl that remembers Ben from his musical days but really her role did not affect the storyline more of a pretend threat of another woman that Fiona was cautious about but nothing else.

The movie teaches you about learning to travel with someone and having no expectations and teaches you to be able to understand that nothing works the same in other countries it will go at its own pace no matter how much you jump up and down.

Fiona and Ben have a big challenge to their relationship when they have to go through it all when they get to the adoption agency they have to still play a waiting game and deal with the Indian red tape.

This is not a light movie its got a very heavy theme and if you cannot watch a movie about hardship with kids you may want to give this movie a miss.

Although this movie was easier than some of the true-crime documentaries I have seen lately it still was not easy to sit through.

I give this a 6.5/10 a movie that you would watch maybe not for kids as the subject matter is not an easy one.

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