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TV Show Reviews: Burn Notice: Season 7: Finale (DISNEY+)

Well ladies and gentlemen we are finally at the end of the Michael Weston Fiona, Sam Axe and Jesse burn notice saga.

It has been a wild ride and although the ending was ok to good I still think this should have finished two seasons ago not dragged on for seven seasons.

Even video games do not drag an ending this long.

I was glad that season 7 was only thirteen episodes long and we can see the end of the line this season yes twists and turns like in previous seasons but it was the end of the rollercoaster ride and it was time to come off.

Again in this season, there is mass loss and in this season the lines between good and evil really got blurred it does leave you with the question of which side is good and which side is bad and is doing some bad illegal things if you’re on the side of the good guys does that or is that ok is it justified who makes it ok.

The only part in this season that was not believable is when Michael became a double agent you were like come on switch back to the good guys.

The only thing that kept me watching was well you all know I have my commitment issues to watch and finish the show till the end.

The first four or so episodes dragged a bit before they picked up momentum and created a small rabbit hole to go down and go on the ride one final time.

I can see a lot of fan base for this show and I remember watching a Comicon Q&A with fans like two seasons ago its not a bad thing to watch and go deeper down and find out about the show on another level.

After the first five seasons a lot of you may decide you have had enough but stick to it for another two seasons the ending is fitting.

The season is not suitable for kids I would say 15 and above.

Rating 5.6/10

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