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TV Show Reviews: Dubai Bling (NETFLIX) 2022

Yesterday afternoon, the wife and I managed to get through the last two episodes of the habibs and habbibti of Dubai. It was more of the same over-the-top shenanigans that you see in other reality shows like The Kardashians and my favourite Shahs of Sunset.

This is just fun and shows some real first-world issues that are not issues like Safa wanting a new house because she does not have enough wardrobe space.

Girl please if you see and have even gone through what normal people have gone through in regards to living then your issues of living in a big ass house that you live in now is good enough and you should be grateful that your husband Fahad puts up with your shenanigans.

We have DJ Bliss smashing decent music out and really does not care for the drama created by the ladies of the group and he mainly gets the boys together to have a good time without the drama. Accept when someone invited them to a party and there was nothing at this pool party no food or anything and it was not that good.

Everyone fits except Farhana kinda strange how this young single mum got within this group even though she has a Habibi ex-husband.

You should see the birthday party she held for her six-year-old son I would like to save that money and keep it for my kids’ college.

Now to the odd one out of the group of guys Ebraheem Al Samadi. I am not saying anything and I do not have anything against people that are like him but his fashion sense is not of a straight dude.

In the very first episode, you see him go out with one of the girls and they were not even a match she was no good either but I really do not think he is straight someone proves me wrong

What do others think of this show I find it just fun but annoying and just more of the same reality show stuff.

Also, you have to be willing to read Arabic I don’t speak it and had to do it and you don’t miss much but I feel it’s more in Arabic than English.

Not suitable for the kids’ its behaviour you really do not want to show your kids to copy.

IMDB gives this a 3/10 I give it a 1/10

If you’re a fan of these kinds of reality shows then yes watch if not and you do not want to waste your time give this a miss.

the wife and I watch this as something different that we do not have to focus on.

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