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TV Show Reviews: Sex/Life NETFLIX (2021) R+18

Let me start by saying that this tv show is not for the faint of heart and is definitely not for kids.

It is a show about a mature subject that a lot of couples go through besides all of the adult content the story is very real about what couples and relationships do go through.

This adult tv series is about a couple that is going through a rough patch after the birth of their second child.

Billie (Sarah Shahi) & Cooper (Mike Vogel) are a young married couple that is living the life that everyone wishes they would have, except that Billie wants more than what she has the whole thing of the grass is greener somewhere else or with someone else.

Billie has desires to have a more active love life with her husband and Billie fantasying about her old boyfriend band and fights off he ex-boyfriend’s advances after she goes to her best friend’s place to talk about the dreams and desires she is having about Brad (Adam Demos) when she gets to her best friends place Sasha (Margaret Odette) to talk about all the dreams that she is having about Brad Billie sees that Brad is now hooking up with Sasha.

This then starts off this whole series about Billie writing in her journal about her dreams and desires etc.

The issue that then happens is Cooper her husband reads her journal and is at first shocked and then tries to accommodate his wife’s needs well the rest is up to you to watch and see what you think.

To me, this is a better version of Fifty Shades of Grey there is better on-screen chemistry with all the cast and much more believable and realistic of what can occur in real life.

Sex/Life asks a lot of questions and takes you down a path that you think is normal and well a straightforward mission. Let’s just say there is a different type of happy ending here.

If you are a devoted religious person you may not want to watch this as it may go against everything you stand for and believe in.

The other question that I have is that there are young children in this tv series and I hope they were not exposed to any of the high adult content you are exposed to as a viewer of the show.

I only say do not judge a show by its cover and watch this and make up your own mind.

As advised at the top this is not suitable for kids at all and maybe not be suitable for some adults. 6.3/10

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