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Movie Reviews: Let Them All Talk 2020 (PLEX)

This afternoon I decided to watch something off my Plex server. I had this movie that I thought is something different and would take my mind off the other type of movies I have watched in the recent past.

“Let Them All Talk” is about three friends that go on a cruise that their author friend invites them on because she has been invited to go from America to England to discuss the novel that she has written.

This is the whole premise of the movie and there is no real crescendo to this movie.

The movie is really slow-paced and is just under two hours but is really like reading or in this case watching a book on the screen.

We have three leading ladies Meryl Streep (Alice) Candice Bergen (Roberta) and Diane Wiest Susan. These three ladies hold the movie together but in all honesty, this movie is a chick flick for women past a certain age. IMDB states this movie is a comedic drama and I did not laugh or show any emotion at all during this whole movie.

I think the ladies performed in this movie because it was an easy payday.

The director of this movie is Steven Soderbergh and yes he is the same guy that brought you the Ocean’s 11 12 & 13 franchise. Unlike those movies, this was not one of his best works.

I also found that this movie did not have many people on the boat and I feel that it really could not get away from Covid however after a quick Google this was not filmed but released in 2020.

Production began in August 2019 in New York City and continued on board the Cunard ocean liner RMS Queen Mary 2 as it crossed the Atlantic, lasting two weeks.

The movie is not for kids it’s for adults only as the subject matter is not suitable for kids.

You will not miss anything if you miss watching this movie.

2.5/10 snore-fest if you need to fall asleep watch this.

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