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Movie Reviews: 2 Hearts (2020) (NETFLIX)

For something change of pace and back to a drama, I mean drama. Two hearts is a sad love story that brings two families together over a tragic event with a happy ending.

If you want to watch this movie it’s on Netflix until December 9 2022 before it leaves.

This is about two guys living parallel lives and how they connect as I mentioned above over a tragedy for one family but a blessing for another.

The cast does an excellent job portraying the magnitude of what occurs in the movie and in the end.

This is a true story about: The true story of Leslie and Jorge Bacardi and Christopher Gregory.

The cast has excellent performances we have Radha Mitchell earlier this month I watched another drama with her in it called “The Waiting City” The other two standouts have to be Tiera Skovbye plays Sam Chris’s girlfriend.

Now Jacob Elordi does an excellent job as well playing Chris and the movie even takes you to a what-if situation it kinda reminded me of “Sliding Doors” Jacob does really well depicting Chris’s character and the display of outpouring love that he shows for Sam and his family and friends.

Now the main guy that really stole the show has to be Adan Canto who plays Jorge you may think who is he and where have I seen him before?

Well if you were a fan of “Designated Survivor” that’s where you would have seen him before. Adan really stole the show.

Another comparison that I can give you is that yes this is like “Sliding Doors” meets “A Walk to Remember”

The movie just goes under two hours and could have gone for longer if they wanted and maybe should have gone for another thirty minutes to show how the families may or may not have got together.

IMDB gives it only 6.3/10 I would give it a solid 7/10.

could be a date movie just don’t think it would be a good movie if you planning to break up with your partner it really shows you what’s important in life.

I would say 16 and above in age to watch this, it can e a tad heavy for younger kids and also if you cry easily then get the box of tissues ready.

I am tossing up keeping this in my personal library of movies as well can be worth it.

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