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TV Show Reviews: Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire (Fidelity) 2021 (NETFLIX)

This is an Italian mini-series about a couple that is in love but both are feeling that something is missing and their relationship hits crossroads that they do not turn back from after Carlo the husband gets involved with his uni student. Carlo is a writer that teaches at Uni while he is trying to finish his novel and find Sofia the student I would say his muse helps him come to the end of the novel and the end of his relationship with his wife Margherita.

Sometimes for two people to actually find their success in life it’s better for them to be a part than together as they stop each other’s progress.

Fidelity is not so much about Fidelity itself but the act of Infidelity and the path the couple took of separating and exploring what life becomes after the choices they make.

You can really watch this in one sitting but I watched it over two nights.

The passion and lust is a slow burn but when it enlights it’s intense and if I was not clear earlier this is not a show for kids but more for adults trying to understand and explore relationships. If your dealing with a relationship issue this may help or cause more issues to watch at your own risk.

The soundtrack of this miniseries really helps with setting the tone of the show and the song choices are pretty decent even though it’s an Italian tv show it has English songs.

The choices on Netflix allow you to watch this miniseries dubbed in English and I had both the Dubbed English audio track plus the subtitles.

Remember when you watch it like that the subtitles and the dubbed audio track do not match most of the time during the show’s episodes.

Both parties in this series cheat as the wife thinks that hubby is cheating so she eventually cheats and when he finds out that wifey cheated then he goes ahead with his desire.

I give this a solid 6.5/10 and remember no kids allowed.

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