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TV Show Reviews: DopeSick 2021 (DISNEY+)

OMG!!! This is an amazing tv series about a real-life legal drug cartel that took several decades to get the message across and I have to say it was a really worthwhile watch.

DopeSick is a retelling of what occurred from the 1970s and even earlier to basically 2020 as you can see for many decades about Oxy (Oxycodone) and how it started as a legal dream pain killer that was sold to medical practitioners all around America and how the one family owned Pharma company wanted to make this a worldwide Drug spread around the world.

You could say that Perdue Pharma was a legal drug cartel within the American walls and wanted to become worldwide even becoming a billion-dollar company off the backs of so many lies and fabrications which caused the end of marriages families loss of life and lots more.

If you search dope sick on google you will see that Perdue Pharma headline stating that Perdue Pharma will have to pay $6 billion dollars to pay all the lawsuits which really hopefully ends them but it’s nothing for all the people that have lost loved ones.

This mini-series is highly recommended Please watch it to just inform you that do not always take the drug companies’ word for it to think they have the betterment of humanity on their minds its about dollar signs.

I remember working for a pharmaceutical company for a small amount of time I was just fixing computers and one day they called a staff conference and I can just tell you instead of boasting about how we are changing lives and improving lives it was all about profit margins about all the drugs/medications they create and how much money they have made from the drugs and overall for the company.

The question is will Perdue Pharma bosses ever get jail time?

Please watch this if there is any show or movie that I review this is the one you want to watch. You will understand that drug companies are no more than just advertising companies trying to sell their dangerous products.

The cast is one of the best led by the original Batman Michael Keaton what a performance you also have Rosario Dawson and Peter Sarsgaard you also have Will Poulter you know him from Were the Millers

DopeSick is not suitable for kids its a very adult-themed show about drugs and how shameless these drug companies are.

10/10 for me

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