This show was amazing and at the same time believable and unbelievable. “Are You Human” is a Korean Sci-Fi drama that goes for 18 episodes and each episode is 59mins to 1hr exactly.

The show tells a lot of stories within that 1hr time frame and is impressive you need to be focused I feel at all times. The show is not dubbed in English so you have to have subtitles on if you cannot understand Korean. The other part of this show you have to get past is that one of the main characters gets in an accident and bleeds very heavily early on and without spoiling anything the character makes a miraculous recovery this is the only part that was a little far-fetched however the rest of the storyline even with a robot that falls in love with a human is believable.

The other part that I did not understand was when they mentioned The President I thought it was going to be a political Science Fiction show but its a President of a futuristic car company called PK Group and they are ahead of their time and they are making AI cars Elon you have some competition.

The basis of the storyline is that The President of the car company is wanting to step down and give his position to his son and the son somehow dies the President comes and forcefully CIA his henchmen to take the grandson away from his mother and for 20 years grows up under the rule of this car company president that he does not want to be there and he misses his mum. in the time that she loses her son the mum “Oh Ro Ra” played by Kim Sung-ryung creates an AI robot to replace her son and keep her company and the story begins from there.

The show I feel is a cross between “Bicentennial Man” and “Twins” with a splash of “Terminator”

I was so taken by this show that it had my attention and I was deep diving each time and wanted more but the one episode to two episodes that I would watch was enough to allow me to take all this in and absorb it because they crammed a lot within a 1hr episode that I had my head hurting sometimes forgetting this was not real but could be one day.

The Sci-Fi was well done with the realistic robot tendencies and the actor that played Nam Shin and AI robot Nam Shin III really did an impressive job because for most of the 18 episodes he was bedridden and he woke up and played both light and dark characters, on the one hand, you hated him and on the other hand, you loved how romantic and human his non-human character is, hats off to Seo Kang Joon was a masterful performance.

the cast overall did an awesome job the bad guys really played their roles to a tea that even the main bad guy described himself in one scene as a demon and I was like you know what that is spot on!

The music in this show was good too the main song shown above really pulled on the heartstrings and was a mix of Korean and one line in English I guess you would call it the hook. Check out the album above.

If you want to watch something different and of high quality “Are You Human” is excellent broaden your horizons and watch this non-English piece of art.

It has a bit of violence and language but nothing too heavy except the storyline is as I mentioned pulling on the heartstrings. Kids watch this with your parents if you can get passed reading the subtitles. 8/10 lost points as the loss of blood after head trauma was not believable.

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