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TV Show Reviews: Gargoyles (Disney+)

Yesterday I wanted to watch something different after my K-drama finished and I wanted to watch something in English so I did not have to focus on reading subtitles to make sure I fully knew what the story was about. I went through my entire recently added list on Netflix without finding anything that I really wanted to watch and then I decided to look at my Disney library and see what was available there. Now in the process of doing this, I always seem to have issues with the audio track of shows or films being in another language sometimes so I normally choose something random to play to just get to the audio track setting and change the track back to English and then watch what I really want however I found one of my favourite childhood cartoons Gargoyles from the mid 90’s that I started and before I knew it I was already binding the show.

As I never knew the origin of the story I did not know how it began and it is amazing to watch this show from the start because the pilot of a G-rated kid’s cartoon started with a five-episode arc and was like an epic medieval to modern day movie-length cartoon split over 5 episodes. I have never seen a show have this kinda storytelling and tv shows these days may do it by crossing the story over a comic book universe like what we have seen in the DC universe with Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and many other superheroes shows like those and even Greys Anatomy does this with their show and Station 19.

The other cool thing is that like He-Man back in the 80s Gargoyles was a cartoon ahead of its time having adult jokes that if you were not listening you would have missed and also it had morals of the story as well not like He-man at the end of the episode but in the storyline and it was well written in. The only thing that I was amazed by is how this show was G-rated and had a level of animated violence it reminded me of Batman with the cartoon style how it was dark and very well animated the other thing I did not know when I was a kid was that this came from the mouse house. Did anyone know that this was from Disney back in the day?

Gargoyles go over only three seasons and have 13 episodes each season and about 20mins each if you take away the intro and outro of the episode. Going back to what I wrote above about the show being G-rated in today’s standard it would have been at least PG or M-rated with the violence that it had.

If you watched this when you were a kid this is not bad to revisit and be nostalgic and bring back your childhood memories of 90’s cartoons. Not what I attended to watch but at the end of the first season, I was happy to have managed to binge the show in a few hours over the course of one day.

Add this to your list and watch it I also give it the same rating as what IMDB give it which is an 8/10.

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