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Movie Reviews: Falling for Christmas (NETFLIX) 2022

Yesterday, as for something different to watch, the wifey wanted to watch something with Lindsay Lohan in it and it was her new Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas. These kinds of Christmas movies from Netflix are their versions of Hallmark Christmas movies and besides Lindsay, there was no one really famous that was a household name.

The movie is Netflix’s attempt at a feel-good movie that is all about a hotel airess that is lined up to take over for Daddy and she really does not want to have the job also her boyfriend in the movie was a YouTube influencer and his character was more feminine than Linsay’s character.

I am just glad it will take only 90mins to finish this poor man’s Christmas movie. The whole story revolves around Serria Belmont Lindsay’s character and the story does not really start until the boyfriend and her go to go do some Skiing not really though they just pretend to Ski and take some pictures for their social media channels. Serria loses her balance and goes sliding down the hill and bumps her head on a tree and gets amnesia and then the whole story of the movie starts there even to the point the boyfriend goes down the hill ends up losing his girlfriend and stays in a cabin with a stranger and does not even bother to go looking for the girlfriend.

There were attempts at jokes in the movie but this was not funny let alone romantic all superficial like the pretend gay influencer boyfriend.

Two things that did stand out in the movie were Lindsay’s version of the Jingle Bells song she sang for the movie and the bloopers of the movie at the end of the movie during the credits. If you want to watch and laugh at something watch the end credit bloopers they are worth it and you can save yourself 90mins.

It’s ok for kids to watch nothing scary or inappropriate I give it less than what IMDB states for a score IMDB gives the movie a 5/10 I give it a 2/10 and that is a point each for the jingle bell song and the bloopers at the end of the movie.

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