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movie reviews: Top Gun: Maverick 2022(youtube movies)

I cannot remember if it was yesterday or the day before The wife and I sat down with the two kids and managed to watch the second instalment of Top Gun called Top Gun: Maverick brought to us by the original team of Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise. Get ready to be taken for a flight that you have to hold on to your seat and more like fasten your seatbelts the movie is I have to say amazing it hits all the right G’s up to 10 G’s to be exact.

Tom & Jerry have got together and created a beautiful story that continues and links well with the original movie and pays homage to the original movie I would even go as far as saying there is room for making a third movie however just thinking of it now how Jenifer Conelly’s character Penny Benjamin fits in I am not sure as I don’t recall any links to the original Top Gun movie. From the small article pieces, I have read about who Penny is in the first movie all it states is that she is a new love interest for Maverick and that Ageism caused the recasting of Charlie and now we have Penny. Also here is another thing what is with all the new characters being created why are they all called Penny now was there another Big Bang I did not hear about? 🙂

I would highly recommend watching the first one Top Gun to really understand the references in this perfect second instalment. You do get to see some of the original cast from the first movie Ed Harris is back the actor that plays Hondo is back and it’s a bit chilly out there the original Iceman is back too and it’s great to see Val Kilmer on the big screen again and they added the throat cancer well in this movie and the whole dialogue scene with Tom was excellently done with dignity and respect.

In this movie the whole storyline is that Maverick is now forced into teaching a new recruit of Top Guns and one of the New Recruits is Goose’s son his call sign is Rooster and not Red Rooster just Rooster. The relationship is shaky between Rooster and Maverick due to the past but you do not know why until it’s brought up not mentioning anything here no spoilers.

The soundtrack this time keeps some of the original music pieces and there are no real love scenes in the second part as the movie is not focused on a love story but around family and this is the essence of Top Gun Maverick that makes this movie special as it really does the nostalgic part really well and links to the original movie really well that it an tug on your heart strings really well.

The younger cast does a great job with the new story and treats the original movie with respect. Also if you’re a fighter jet nerd this movie is amazing the fact that Tom actually flew the planes are amazing and the way the movie was filmed was excellent because even though I watched this at home with my wife you felt every turn dive pull up inversion while watching the movie it was like an interactive rollercoaster ride that you could feel the G’s were pulling you in every direction.

The funny thing about the movie was the fact that you knew as the story tells you that there is an enemy however you do not know who that is you know it’s another country that has bombs but it does not state which? You really do not need to know if it does not impact the storyline knowing this detail or not.

I highly recommend this movie for all to watch all kids big and small younger kids with parental guidance as there is a few words that are not appropriate. I cannot really fault this movie it has to be a 9.5 or 10/10 from me.

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