Ample Blaze IT Movie Reviews,REVIEWS Movie ReVIEWS: CRISIS (NETFLIX) 2021


Crisis is a movie decided to watch for my afternoon movie that was part of my Netflix library a movie that I wanted to watch and not really think anything about however this movie was more than just a movie that passed the time it had some real-world implications and it actually made me sit up and take notice of the story although the drug mentioned in the movie was a fictional drug it was based on true events and what I liked about it is the fact that they related it to the real-life drug Oxy and it was good to see that this movie shows that just because one pharmaceutical drug has gone away another will be there to take its place and the sad thing is that the drug war like we found out in the tv series DopeSick bad drugs can be legal drugs as well.

The other issue that you again see in this movie is the cause of the FDA having to be the governing body to make sure these legal drugs that are supposed to help should continue to help but they are nothing but money-grabbing opportunities for the big pharmaceutical companies and the fact that they see a little set back like people dying as nothing major for the greater good kinda something like what a supervillain would say.

The movie itself is three short stories that collide as an undercover DEA agent who wants to bring down a drug kingpin called mother and at the same time, a university professor that has a team doing some tests with this drug finds out from the results this drug is worse or as worse as Oxy and has caused so many additions in his team’s mice tests that the mice do not stop taking this drug up until they die. The last person affected is a single mother whose son gets in the wrong crowd and ends up as collateral damage of the war with the drug kingpin “Mother”

The movie is a good movie that is hiding in the Netflix library the cast is strong and they all play their roles well we have a cast including Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, and Greg Kinnear. Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly and Michelle Rodriguez I find this cast to be a very strong cast for a movie that is a few seconds short of two hours long.

The first hour can be drawn out very slowly and is building up to the last forty to fifty minutes when all three storylines meet up and we have the crescendo. This movie would be I feel even better in a novel format as it can get very descriptive and detailed and really take you into this world there were times in the movies I could have played mobile games and come back into the movie but I choose not to as I did not want to lose track as the overall story was important to tell and watch and pay attention to.

I do not think this movie has any rewatch value it’s a decent movie but a one-time watch a solid 7/10 but not suitable for the kids’ violence and the subject matter is all about the drug and underworld of drugs and how and what it takes to bring down these kinds of people.

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