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First of all Happy New Year to all my readers out there. I hope you all had a safe and happy new year. As you can see I spent a quiet one staying home with the family and managed to watch the 9 pm fireworks on TV and managed to finish binging season 3 of The Flash. At first, I was not sure of what to make of the season 3 instalment as some parts were like groundhog day.

This season starts off where season 2 finishes where Barry Allen is feeling so hurt after what has occurred in his life he goes back in time and saves his mum from dying and at the same time goes and lives a happy life in an alternative timeline with both his parents alive and he is happy for the most part until he realizes he is not truly happy and his actual family is what he had and the major lesson is happy with a life lived with experiences good and bad it what makes us grow and become the whole person we are.

This alternative timeline Barry creates causes an effect that is called the Flashpoint. This is like when Biff from “Back to the Future” goes back and hands his younger self the sports almanac and changes the present to the strange alternative timeline. That’s the best way to explain what occurred. I guess they could not mention this as it would have been some copyright thing that would have caused problems.

On top of Barry realizing what Flashpoint has caused he tries to fix it but really cannot change what’s already done and has to get on with life in the new reality he has caused and this goes across the whole universe that has caused a change in the Arowverse as well where Diggle originally had a baby girl and now has a baby boy.

In this season we have new characters take form for team Flash with Killer Frost taking her true form and Kid Flash getting his powers. We also have a new cast member and this is the funniest aspect of the show have you ever thought the Harry Potters universe and The Flash universe can exist in the same universe well you do not have to imagine it. This happens in season 3 of The Flash we have Tom Felton yes that’s right Malfoy joins the cast of The Flash as an expert CSI that is not on good terms with Barry when Barry comes back from Flashpoint Tom Felton is there already and has to deal with a relationship that is a year strong for Tom but not for Barry and ohh Yes Tom Felton’s character is called Julian Albert however for the start of the season I kept thinking there’s Malfoy lol but yes he goes from being Malfoy to Julian however in one episode he has to travel with the team to another earth and his costume is something our of Indiana Jones and they make fun of his costume the whole team. He also has a love story as well connected in season 3 with one of the other characters which are quite nice.

The main storyline that occurs in this season is a major death happens to one of the characters and Barry and the entire team try and figure out a way for this not to occur as it will change the whole dynamic of the team and things will never be the same again for anyone. So on top of beating everyday metas throughout each episode, the team tries and change the future from happening and keep things normal.

I did not mind this season as it had two cross-over episodes as well one linked to the Legends of Tomorrow and the other was Supergirl the Supergirl episode was strange it was all about love but done in a musical gangsta version from the 1920s you could have imagined Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” Playing as a backing track. However, in this episode, you heard Barry and Kara sing with a few other characters.

This season flowed well from one episode to another to a point if I did not have life stuff to do I would have sat in one sitting and binged the whole thing and even though it has 23 episodes you can get through them easily before I knew it I was already in the double digits wanting more…

After each season I will take a break as there is a lot to absorb and I want something new to watch maybe another movie or a shorter tv series if you have any suggestions I am open.

I give this season a solid 7.5 to 8/10

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