I decided to get in a late show last night and being tired I did not want to watch anything too lengthy and in another…

I decided to get in a late show last night and being tired I did not want to watch anything too lengthy and in another language so I decided to head back to my Netflix list and see what was on offer and I looked at my tv shows and I really did not want to make that long term commitment after coming off the 3rd season of The Flash. I decided to have a look at what standup shows I had on offer added to my list. I had several shows and it was the new show from Ali Wong called Don Wong I remember watching her previous standup called Baby Cobra when she was pregnant and this time she’s not pregnant however the material is right out the gate in your face.

The beautiful thing is the standup goes for 59mins under one hour and the flow of joke stories Ali does is amazing it flows and there is not one time you go she cannot do a 1hour set she could have gone for longer but one hour of material that is well connected it was great for the first joke as I said it was in your face talking about women liberation power and woman that have a higher status than their male partners and how she locked down her husband before she was a big shot standup and now she wants out lol. Ali also talks about being intimate with a more powerful woman rather than the husband and how husbands’ partners should be grateful that their woman is being with them and having intimate time whereas the woman could be doing something else changing the world instead they are with you. Ali is much more colourful in her storytelling and it’s very adult so do not show this to your kids the show Don Wong is about love sex and empowerment.

There are times when Ali is so funny she even laughs at her own jokes off the reaction of the audience and as she does not hold back people at first are shocked but she eases the audience in and explains the backstory so there is nothing that is too outrageous without definition.

I could say that if she ever came to Australia for a tour I would not mind buying tickets and going and seeing Ali Wong live. The question would be would my wife want to come? If you have not seen Ali’s standup before I would recommend watching baby cobra first and then, there is another earlier show on Netflix she has a three-show collection but I have not seen the first show but have to get around to it at some point.

I give this a solid 7.5 out of 10 and again cannot stress this enough no kids allowed.

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