For something different, this time around I wanted to go back to a shorter tv show and I really did not although each episode was about 30mins long however the first episode of season 1 comes off the back of Star Wars: The Clone Wars which I haven’t seen yet and I would say watching that would help however you can watch that without watching Star Wars: Clone Wars as this is a story on its own. The tv series has 16 episodes however the first episode as mentioned comes off the back of the Clone Wars movie and is movie length over an hour long as it has a lot of stories to tell and sets up the rest of the show’s episodes.

What is also weird is that I started the show not knowing that the second season was going to be released so soon after I started the 1st season, maybe that helped me binge through the first season…

The story revolves around Star War Clones that seem to be different to the other robotic white soldiers that just execute commands and do not think about the consequences. There is a group of as the show states defective clones that grow a conscious and do not agree with the empire and make moral judgment calls that are against the empire and fight against the bad guys.

The standout of the cast members for me have to be Ming-Na Wen plays Fennec Shand, and Rhea Perlman playing Cid which is this green alien character who ends up a friend that gets The Bad Batch group some consistent work and a base of operations.

For me not a true fan of Star Wars I mean I like the original movies and all but when you get to watch the tv shows and the mini-stories that branch off to the streaming stories its another level and I feel that I am more a Marvel and DC universe fan that a Star Wars fan. I should go back and revisit the movies to truly understand the spin-off shows that this is.

From the 16 episodes that the first season is it took me at least ten episodes for me to get really into it although it did have continuity, I felt it was a slow burn and took ten episodes for me to get invested in the show properly as I was watching and playing movie games at the same time.

The storyline, for the most part, was THe Bad batch gets a job from Cid and gets 30% of the money aka credits and this goes on until they figure out how they can save others from The Empire and get off The Empire’s most wanted list.

The writing overall of each episode is well done however there are episodes that are done better than others episodes that stand out for me are:

  • Bounty Lost
  • Common Ground
  • Devil’s Deal

The above there stand out and they are episodes 9 to 11 and are well written have continuity of the story and you can put your phone away and invest in the story.

The show is animated and is PG it has animated violence and I feel is suitable for the ages of 7 and above but this is true for the Star Wars nerdy fans who love getting into the detailed storyline.

I will watch season two which dropped last night however it seems to have dropped a couple of episodes I rather wait until the whole series lands safely and then watch the whole season in one Batch. 🙂

Overall a 7/10 from me.

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