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Inside Man is the latest mini tv show with Stanley Tucci and David Tennant stars in it. Is about a criminologist that is on death row after killing his wife he has been on death row for 10 years he has built up a reputation for solving murders from behind bars.

For me, this show is a short tv show to start but not to finish it’s quite heavily themed and I had to watch it over 2 days two episodes one day and the last two over the next day. I felt that I needed a debrief session after watching each episode I normally can sit through anything but this was harder than I thought. Using one of the lines from the show you have to think is there truly any “Moral Worth” in watching this show will you get anything out of it? I enjoy physiological mysteries that keep you on the edge however this show takes you on a trip from a different angle and you get to see all sides of the story and are shown that the action or lack thereof any action and what this can cause people around the situation and how people react to the situation differently.

For me the one part of the story that was a no-brainer was when the USB initially was brought to Vickar’s knowledge I would have taken that straight to the authorities and tried helping the young person from the get-go however it went downhill and without that, we would not have three other episodes.

Just thinking about this now it could be remade with Netflix again as an interactive Netflix show and make the audience choose how the show ends could be a different experience and also could show how wicked the audience is.

The other question you ask yourself is how far would you go for the love of a family member and keeping them out of trouble? The other question this brings to light and I know it can be a difficult topic to discuss is when you have priests and doctors and layers of people in positions where they are sworn to personal discussions private and between the two parties where can this line be crossed as advised earlier above I would have said something due to the fact that this had someone’s life on the line at what cost do you keep your confidentiality?

This is a show worth watching however definitely is not for kids and even some adults that can not take the heavy-duty subject matter. I feel that I need a counselling and debriefing session after this whole show anyone available? 🙂 The show gets a solid 8/10 for me all performances were excellent I just felt that the pace of the show was a little choppy and I understand this was on purpose to show how the decisions making can cause the cause and effect of the bigger picture. Add this to your list but be warned that you have to be ready for a show that you have to be in the right mindset to watch.

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