MOVIE REVIEWS: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

I sat to watch this show that has been on my watch list for a long time and finally got around to watching it. I…

I sat to watch this show that has been on my watch list for a long time and finally got around to watching it. I wanted to watch it last night however it was getting a tad late and I thought I would save it and try and watch it with my wife about 5mins into it my wife was like no not my cuppa tea, you watch it by yourself.

After this we decided to start a new show together that was more kid-friendly so be ready coming soon will be a review of Bake Squad on Netflix we just watched one episode and then the wife was tired and off I went to the office aka dads midlife crisis room and I started this show.

This review is not going to be great first of all it should not be connected to The Fast & Furious franchise as besides THe Rock and Jason being supporting roles in the franchise and they were given this movie off the back of the franchise the film has nothing to connect it with the franchise. This was purely a money grab from producers and movie studios. They could have connected this to the franchise by adding a cameo from one of the leading Fast & Furious characters Ludacris Tyrese I now understand why Tyreese was not happy about what happened with this show.

The show should have been its own standalone action film that should have not been linked to the main franchise. It started off slow and was less about racing and more about over-the-top action sequences.

They tried to bring across the essence of the family but really it was near the end feeling like a WWE Smackdown episode as you saw The Rock standing there with Roman Reigns the big dog and he did not even have a speaking role just stood there looking mean and had a few action sequences.

The other aspect that was strange is how did Kevin Hart get into this movie he had a small file playing a flight/air marshall. On top of this, you had Ryan Reynolds playing an FBI/CIA agent and I was like it’s great to see those guys but for some real creditability you need one of the main Fast & Furious cast members linked like had Dom shows up at the end of Tokyo Drift gave Tokyo Drifts some creditability and links to the movies in the franchise.

All this movie is great escapism and was awesome to watch after the mini tv series I watched on Netflix called Inside Man this was watch something do not worry about anything just strap in and enjoy the non-believable show. 3/10 fun for the family if you are a fan of the series you have to add this to the collection but note it’s not important to the main storyline please note I have not seen Fast 10 yet.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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