After watching inside man on Netflix I decided I wanted to watch something light and funny so I decided to pick up from where I left off with Young Sheldon being a fan of the Bing Bang Theory this is a great origin story of how it all started with a big bang you may day.

We have so many different storylines although very funny sometimes you are watching short stories that are referenced in The Big Bang Theory however I would have liked to see more continuity of the story from episode to episode.

More than anything this season we are shown how important the unity of the family is and although seemingly dysfunctional the Coopers are a family the rest of the local community in Texas looks up to and being devout baptists well Mary Sheldon’s mum is more than the rest and is the glue that keeps the family together even in an episode this season she has a test of faith. We have Jason Alexander from Sienfield appear again as the drama teacher and he helps Mary create a heaven and hell haunted house for Halloween it all has to do with the storyline for Sheldon’s brother Georgie to try and get with a girl and that storyline was actually consistent and her addition to the Cooper family is nice.

This season Sheldon also has some competition with another genius kid name Paige Swanson and you could say she is the full package compared to Sheldon as she can tell social queues and have all the missing pieces that Sheldon does not have and that would maybe make her smarter than Sheldon to some degree.

Season two I feel the writers really used this season as another season to build on the origin story of Sheldon and go into some key points in Sheldon’s childhood you can see how and why he became the way he is and to a degree, I felt the same minus the smarts but befriending older people, not in my generation is something I connected with sometimes due to life experiences you outgrow childhood games and you have to step up and worry about having childhood fun later on. Maybe another reason why I understood what Michael Jackson said back in the day only thing was after some time you have to become an adult and have fun with people your own age.

Something that I did not or was not fond of is Young Sheldon’s theme song I don’t know it’s strange and I have to bring the volume down as I feel too much for the show.

There were a lot of little easter eggs in this season linking back to the main show that started it all off with a Big Bang it is definitely worth a watch and I say a recommendation to watch until the very end of the season.

My Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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