It was time to get back on the stand-up wagon after watching Ali Wong’s latest I decided to give Iliza’s latest hour a try and to be frank I never learn my lesson I always watch standup when I am tired and I end up falling asleep halfway through and you know with Iliza’s standup you have to pay attention because not only is it funny it has dealt with social issues and is honest about female issues and she tells you how it is without softening the blow take it or leave it the humour may not be for everyone but I enjoy it because it’s in your face is honest and real.

Iliza discusses everything from every girl’s nightmare from wearing or owning a bad bra to body issues and social media crap that all women have to deal with. I am just thinking you know well in Australia we used to have happy healthy Harold a giraffe puppet that would come to the school and talk about health and safe sex maybe the next chapter should be that male and email comics should attend schools and talk to students about these topics as they have transformed as we now have to help our kids deal with the online world and the old way of school bullying has not stopped and the school level but has not found an end but it continues for evermore and the fact that cybercrimes are now a thing more dangerous than ever it is important to have individuals like Iliza out there spreading the word in this way for guys and girls to know the real facts and the importance for guys to be gentlemen and not just hunters looking for the next notch on their belts. The fact is when you become a parent and well I can speak for myself having two kids and one of them being a girl I am overprotective and want to make sure she is safe and has the right tools even at the age of four so that she is safe when the parental training wheels come off. For my son, it’s to help and guide him to have the right tools to know how to treat a woman even better than I do his own mum because each generation needs to be an improvement from the last.

I will end this review by saying the only thing I did not like about the show was what she was wearing as not to say it was not hot or ugly or whatnot but more of a distraction to listening and keeping up with the show. It looked like she had a wedgie for an hour and it was difficult to keep focused back on the topics. Once you get passed that hop on and enjoy the funny but real ride.

This is as always not suitable for the kiddies and the subject matter is very adult but true and some adults may have issues with it.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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