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TV Show REVIEWS: Private Eyes (9NOW APP)

My dear audience I decided to watch something different this time around and I decided to change the streaming service as well this app is a free app that shows all TV shows on Channel 9 in Australia and I saw this show called “Private Eyes” It also has a link not directly but linked to something else I watched a tad earlier called “A kindhearted Christmas” that had Jennie Garth in it from “Beverly Hills 90210” and this new show has Kelly’s old love interest you know him as Mr perfect Brendan Walsh. Jason Priestly plays a washed-up ice hockey player and a poor hockey scout and he falls into the Private Investigation world as an ice hockey player gets hurt he and his Private Eye partner go out to figure out the mystery and he is not even a PI then at the time. That is pretty much the pilot of the show.

The first season is a slow burn for me as they take the time to build the character’s storylines and who they are, give them a history, etc. The first season is really about small cases that Matt Shade Jason Priestly and Angie Everett Cindy Sampson go on and take these cases to solve and you have a bit of tension between the two and their dynamic relationship that feels like a 90’s teen relationship that is kind of old for a show that is made in the 2000s 2016 to be exact to 2021.

The shows theme song jingle feels like its something written in the ’90s does not have that rock edge of the 90210 theme song but private eyes have a theme song that will either grab your attention and you will be singing or humming along or you hate it with a passion. You may also not like the show.

Throughout watching the first season I was looking for cameo’s anyone from 90210 from back in the day and sorry but I did not find anyone guest star in the first season maybe later on who knows? I did find someone that initially I could not put my finger on he was one of those faces you say “I’ve seen that person on another show” but you can’t put your finger on it at the time of watching, then I did some IMDB digging and was like now I know where I have seen this guy from. The guy that plays Kurtis the cop detective is played by Ennis Esmer and you would remember him from a supporting role in the little tv show on Australian Netflix called “You Me Her” I can’t believe it took me that long to recognize him.

Also, there was a person in episode 8 of season 1 the episode was called “I Do I Do” this episode was about a woman that was married to two men in two different cities in the USA and one of those husbands I recognized straight away. You could say this actor had a bit of an “Edge” Yes that’s right it’s the main man The Rated R Superstar Edge: Adam Copeland you would know him if you were a fan of the WWF/WWE. He did really well in his role he was a woodworker of sorts.

In closing this case I would give it the following: Let me know if I should continue this show.

My Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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