I already started my next tv show the other day and I will get to review that as soon as I finish watching the whole season. In the pipeline, I have a show that the wifey and I are watching called Bake Squad and which is a reality cake-making show. The other tv show I am watching and will review soon is Titan’s season 3. However last night I decided to watch Dual as I have this both on my server and Netflix and I went with the version on Netflix to make sure I get the full experience.

You know how they say sometimes the trailer is better than the whole movie well in this case the trailer gives you different vibes than when you watch the movie. The whole movie is a melancholy movie that does not really make you go wow this is something different and is making a difference to the Sci-Fi genre.

The premise of Dual is that its set in the near future when medical science has got to the stage of cloning and the first scene that you see is a dual match of someone else but you really are not sure why you are seeing that as it seems to be a scene out of a dark high school teen thriller/drama.

After the high school scene of a dual, you are introduced to a young woman that is in a relationship with a guy that seems to be in the futuristic army not really sure what he does and it’s not really important to the story. Sarah and Peter have a long-distance relationship for 30mins of the movie’s beginning and like I said it’s dark and slow and you are thinking to yourself can this please get where it needs to be faster? Eventually, the story reveals itself to know that Sarah is played by Karen Gillan who you know from the Jumanji 2019 version and The Marvel Hit The Guardians of the Galaxy. Sarah finds out after going to visit the doctor after a night of what seemed like a bad dream she wakes up and realized that the bed is full of blood as she had brought up blood in her sleep.

Sarah goes to the Doctor and is told that they don’t know what it is but she has something that will kill her they did not use the word cancer. Sarah is terminal and there is a 98% chance that she will die and recommend that she get what they call a replacement and at this point, I was getting “6 Day” vibes with Arnold Schwezenneger which I feel told the story of cloning better than this did.

Anyhow the story goes that she is the 2% and now is in full remission from cancer that was going to kill her and now there is no requirement for her clone to exist anymore. When the same doctor that tells her about 98% tells her that she is now the 2% and advises Sarah to decommission the clone this triggers the legal battle between Sarah the original and Sarah the clone and stupidly the husband becomes an arrogant dummy and chooses the side of the clone as Sarah the clone is less like the woman that he married and comes across as a real-life sex doll that he prefers because she does not treat him badly and the small rise and pep in her voice when she greets him its basically a boost to his male ego.

Enough time has passed that Sarah the clone can challenge to a dual and the story goes from there. All this is jam-packed in a 90min movie that I am glad I am not recommending to anyone. This is not suitable for kids and adults should not waste their time.

My Rating (no stars)

Rating: 0 out of 5.

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