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For my afternoon flick of choice I decided to watch something off my server called Memory and I at first was thinking this is not going to be so good it will be a one-time watch and will have no rewatch value. However, this was surprisingly good and a story well executed pardon the pun as this was an action thriller with an A-list list of actors including Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci just to name a few all the supporting actor’s performances were excellent as well. This is a secret gem of a movie from last year.

The story was nothing that you had not seen before all about under-cover cops trying to bring down a child pedophile and prostitution ring and this was a two-hour movie not about who had done it and why we see all players on the board but you want to see how they get the bad guy at the end playing a strategic game of chess with moves that you think that its straight forward but its not it was full of twists and turns and all about a hit man Liam Neeson playing as Alex Lewis a gun for higher that is hired by the bad guys to kill some people that he does not care if they live or die but when he goes to do one job and sees that the person that they want to kill is a young female child even the baddest of bad guys have a code that they stick to and he does not kill the child. However, the bad guys kill the kid and try to frame Alex Lewis for the crime but as Liam does in all his movies “he does find them and he does kill them”

At the same time all this is happening Guy Pierce’s character is trying to solve the crime but Liam is a step ahead taking the bad guys out as he knows the whole story but finding the proof for the bad guys is another thing altogether.

Memory is a non-stop another accidental pun from another Liam Neeson movie no trains here it is all action and you do want to know what occurs but you think this is a run-of-the-mill action flick that the end will be straightforward forward but there is a twist there is no part two however they could have made this a two-part movie series.

If you are a fan of Liam’s Guys and Monica’s then give this movie a go you won’t be disappointed however I would not keep this as part of my mobile collection although it is a solid movie.

Lots of violence there is a bit of blood this is not suitable for kids and overall a solid movie.

To some degree, this movie Memory gives me the feel of Training Day with Denzel Washington as crime or justice for a better term is never straightforward. Give this a watch and tell me what you think?

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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