For the last couple of weeks, the wife and I decided let’s watch something together and whenever we do that now it has to be kid friendly which is what we watch by ourselves the wifey watches a lot of K-drama and I watch anything and everything. Bake Squad is something that anyone can watch within any age group.

Bake Squad is different to any other cooking game show its no Master Chef nor is it like the other Netflix show called “Is it Cake” This is mostly a friendly competition that the four bakers make a cake for an event from a person that comes in and tells the four bakers about the type of event it is and they do mention the event whether its a birthday party or an anniversary. The guests describe the person the cake is for or the people it’s for and they make it in such a way that it hit the emotional feelings and gets them excited and see that it fits in with the event on the day. We also see a little snippet of how the person reacts to the cake on the day and thank the Bake Squad for what they have made these are no ordinary cakes these are pieces of artistic masterpieces.

The cakes range from a cake for a toddler that likes to smash things and all about the baby playing with their senses and they of course made a smash cake.

Another type of cake that is made is a sweet sixteen cake that has a bit of french flavour to it and to be honest I did not think that this cake would win as the people ordering this sweet sixteen cake were more surfy type people 1970s kids that were all about combi vans and living a free easy go life and they end up choosing the french cake.

This show is just pure fun the bakers get seven hours to make the cake and of course, the episodes are edited down to half an hour of slices and it’s just long enough to keep your diet in check sometimes you can watch two slices well that the most we watched per day as parental duties also take priority.

Watch this it is recommended I enjoyed it there was no real tension everyone wanted to win but it was a team show although they were making cakes individually.

A show for all

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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