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Standup – Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy 2022 (NETFLIX)

I had to watch this over again as the first time I watched it I did the thing you should not do when watching a standup comedy show: watch it late at night when you are half asleep. I decided to give it a fair go on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In his latest Netflix special, Ronny Chieng speaks about the uneducated person vs the educated person and brings it full circle with discussion points of nerds taking over at the moment as they are helping us get past all this Covid-19 part of our worldwide history.

Ronny also discusses racism in the epicentre of racism which is also a very strong message to an audience that is there for a laugh but also gets a lesson in US and world history. Ronny touches on cancel culture and also intertwines this with how he has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the USA and how with all these free countries he and another folk still keep America at the top of their list of places to live. I, however, would say this is to be true maybe in the ’70s to the early 2000s but I am maybe one of the few who agree with staying in Australia and having a lucky peaceful life in the land down under without the drastic elements of racism and violence around every corner in America.

Now don’t get me wrong Australia has its flaws as well. We do have violence and racism and although, knock on wood I have never had to deal with the violent side in Australia I have had to deal with the racist side in Australia and it is everywhere here mostly subtle but very much present.

Near the end of the hour special he goes into the element of how all these people yours truly included get online and have a free open world to bring something down and be judgmental on a piece of art that the creator of that art took ages to create and in a few paragraphs no more than a page long yours truly can destroy that work and nitpick at the artwork and say its no good.

What Ronny has created in this hour special at first was not my type of comedy but he breaks it down Ronny is a very smart cookie and reflects the mirror on his audience and hopefully, this teaches a lesson to us and brings our differences closer together and learn from each other and not to have the fear culture.

I had only parts in this one hour that I really laughed at which was the cancel culture part and the pandemic nerds part but this does not mean this is not high quality it is an entertaining lesson to be learnt. All can watch younger audiences with parental units watching as well.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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